Our Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that is saved on a computer or other smart device when you visit a website for the first time. A text file is stored on users’ web browsers and the web recognizes the file. The information in the text file can be used to monitor users’ browsers on the website, improve the service, etc. This allows certain information to be sent to users’ browsers, which can facilitate access to various functions.

2. How do we use cookies?
Pick Iceland uses both cookies from the first and third parties. First-party cookies are cookies that send information only to Pick Iceland. Third-party cookies are generated due to services used Pick Iceland and send information to a website owned by a third party. The parties concerned may also link information obtained from the Pick Iceland website to other information provided by users, or information they have collected through users’ use of their services.

3. About statistical cookies
Pick Iceland uses statistics and adaptation cookies to analyze traffic on www.pickiceland.com and collect statistical information about the use of the website and the results of marketing campaigns.

The information is used to develop and improve the website’s services by gaining insight into usage and making searching for specific content easier. The cookies are also used to adapt websites and programmed to all users’ needs to improve the customer experience and display targeted product recommendations.

Information collected by third parties does not contain sensitive personal information that allows the user to be identified (e.g .name, ID number or email address) and can be turned off in settings if desired.

Third-party cookies:
These cookies (e. Third-party cookies) use web lights, pixel tags and similar technology to collect and use certain information about users ‘activities online, at www.pickiceland.com, to infer users’ interests and display targeted advertisements.

Pick Iceland uses such cookies on its website (including from Google and Facebook). Third-party cookies allow these parties to recognize devices again when a user visits the website and even other websites. These cookies are used to make ads more relevant to users based on their specific interests.

Third-party cookies also collect information about customers’ visits to www.pickiceland.com to monitor the success of their advertising and online marketing activities (for example, how often a user clicks on our ad). Information collected by third parties does not include personal information that enables the user to be identified. Based on this, Pick Iceland reserves the right to display advertisements to users through the Facebook and Google remarketing systems. Those who do not want to see such ads can turn off the use of cookies.

5. Processing of personal information
You can read Pick Iceland’s privacy statement here. All personal information that may be created during the use of cookies will be processed and processed in accordance with the provisions of Act no. 90/2018 on personal data protection and processing of personal data. Pick Iceland declares that no such information will be processed for purposes other than those described above, and that the information will not be stored longer than necessary for the purpose of processing. Personal information will not be handed over to third parties unless otherwise provided by law.